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The cost of a home inspection is very small compared to the cost of a home and most home repairs. As a home buyer, you have been crunching numbers, negotiating offers, adding up closing costs and trying to get the best deals. Now comes the most important part of the process, the Home Inspection! The home buying experience can be stressful at times, but by finding the right home inspector, many problems can be avoided. You should know exactly what to expect inside and out of your new home. At HomeSmart Inspections, you have found the right home inspector. As an Energy Star Homebuilder, I have the experience it takes to accurately assess the current condition of a home or building. During my building years, I have had the opportunity to work on every single stage of the construction process – I know how it should all fit together and properly operate. A home is very similar to the human body; a complex operation made up of many systems and components that work together, hopefully as a smooth running machine. The goal is to identify how the house is ‘operating,’ how all the systems and components of the home are working together. Just like our bodies; “you get out what you put in;” if you take care of yourself, most likely you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The exact same is true for your homes: if you take care of your home (which could be as minor as changing an air filter, or as major as replacing a roof before it leaks), you will save money from preventative maintenance, and more importantly your home will start to pay you back through increased equity and pride of ownership. There are few things that impress or excite me more than a well taken care-of home!

A HomeSmart Inspection is a thorough analysis of all of the components and systems in a home and a report on the current condition of these components and systems. You will want to be present at your home inspection. You will be shown, not only how the home operates, but also emergency shut-offs (for example: the main water shut-off valve), necessary and required maintenance of certain components (for example: filter changes, etc.) in order to avoid future unwanted problems. HomeSmart exceeds our state licensing “Standards of Practice” requirements by being more thorough (covering more) and also giving you energy saving ideas and preventable maintenance recommendations about the home. In our exclusive, “recommendation” section of the report, we will show you ways to prevent heat loss, ways to prevent possible future concerns, what energy efficient appliances or components should be used when replacement comes time and much more.