Realtor Courses

Thank you so much for the CEU class at our office today.
All the agents agreed it was one of the best and most useful classes we’ve ever attended.
The lunch was an unexpected surprise too.
Just want you to know how much we appreciated it all.
Thank you again

Free Real Estate Credits offered by

Homesmart Inspections.

NHREC approved credits-   course worth 2CE credits


All courses are power-point presentations designed to entertain as you learn


Basic Home Systems: 1 Hour

This course discusses building science; how a home is a system and how the ‘system’ relates to pressure, heat loss, insulation, ventilation and how the most important aspect of how the system can change: its occupants. You will learn how the operations of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems of the home work and how the condition of these systems can affect you, your home and your wallet. It also covers safety hazards to be aware of.


Radon Basics: & Mold Basic: 1 hour

This course describes where radon comes from, when and how it was discovered, how it affects our bodies (its health effects). We will present results of a 20 year EPA study in NH which reveals what areas in NH have elevated radon, including test results from slab construction, unconventional foundations, new and older homes (results will surprise you). We will also discuss testing methods, EPA acceptable standards, as well as mitigation techniques and effectiveness.


Mold Basics:

This course is a common sense practical approach to mold. Mold has been around since the beginning of time, so why now is it suddenly a problem? In recent years, mold’s media attention has become huge, much like asbestos and lead used to be: But how much of this attention is just hype? We will cover where and how it grows- it needs necessary ingredients to reproduce. You will learn what mold is, how it effects people, how it effects our homes, how to control it in the home, how to identify it, and effectively remove it. We also will discuss the shortcomings of mold testing. This course is a must see.


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